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The walk-in closet, a design choice that gives you the freedom to see all your clothes at once and pick out just what you need. It is a system that gives shape to a way of organizing our daily lives that we’ve all dreamed about having in our homes, but that many think they can’t achieve because of a lack of space or because of the layout of their home. But now you can! Our modern Infinity walk-in closet, in real wood, is designed to be highly versatile to meet all your needs in terms of space and composition, for wardrobes large and small, whether you want an L-shaped, U-shaped, or linear layout. Our Infinity by Napol walk-in closet enables you to take advantage of the space in your home that is currently underutilized. This closet fits your home like a tailored suit and adapts to any corner, nook, or even hard-to-use area with support columns. And for those of you who have more space available, Infinity has truly dream-like solutions modelled after boutique dressing rooms, in which your wardrobe and accessories will enjoy a stunning new space in which to be displayed.

Closet islands. Designed for today’s modern lifestyle, our Itaca by Napol closet island is an interpretation of a classic in noble furnishings and is the ideal complement to your walk-in closet or dressing room. Itaca is a free-standing element that fits perfectly at the heart of your closet or to complete your dressing room, and can even be placed in your bedroom, should space and layout allow, as a storage solution you can access from all sides. Inspired by the world of fashion and boutique shops, our Itaca island features drawers on one side, open compartments with glass top on the other, and a comfortable, upholstered seat to complete your daily dressing ritual. Elegant and minimalist, Itaca is suspended atop metallic legs.

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