Reflex Wardrobe

Reflex Wardrobe

Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors. The doors, which are characterized by refined glass or mirror finishes, are made up of a matt lacquered aluminium frame.
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors with bronzeed clear mirrored glass doors, Moka matt lacquererd structure and doors frame
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors - detail of the canaletto walnut internal parts equipped with aluminium tray for ties
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors: this classy black and white photo underlines the reflective feature of the doors
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors - detail of Plam handle placed on a Moka matt lacquered aluminium frame
  • Armadio con Ante Battenti in Vetro Reflex
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors equipped with internal lights, natural clear mirrored glass doors, white matt lacquered frame
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors - detail of the Tanganika walnut finished internal parts lit up by led lights with sensor
  • Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors - detail of the Tanganika walnut wood veneered internal parts
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Reflex is a wardrobe with glass hinged doors featured with refined finishes. The glass panel is framed by an aluminium frame upon which a handle with an essential style is placed, designed in such a way to match the other reflecting surfaces. Among the possible finishes Reflex can come with a peculiar clear mirrored glass: when the lights inside the wardrobe are switched on the glass clearly shows its internal structure; when the lights are off these glass hinged doors become a mirror.
Reflex matches the line of classic glass or mirrored wardrobes with an elegant modern style, a wardrobe with glass hinged doors with a trendy charm for refined environment. It is available also in the model with open internal frame partitions: thanks to that Reflex internal structure looks just like a walk-in closet highlighting the aesthetic value of transparent surfaces.

Wardrobe Measurements
The elements measurements shown below don't consider sides and partitions, except when it is specifically indicated. You can view a detailed scheme of the elements by looking at the Technical Characteristics.
- Linear Wardrobe: it is made up of elements of cm 43,6 / 51,6 / 59,6 / 89,6 / 105,6 / 121,6.
- Corner Wardrobe: it is possible to design Reflex with Dressing Corner Unit made up of linear elements to which a corner dressing unit with hinged doors, or a end dressing unit with hinged or folding doors.

Depth: cm 59
Height: cm 244 / 260

The elements offer a high degree of design customization and allow to create linear wardrobes with several measurements to meet the needs of the customer.
The measurements of the corner wardrobe can vary according to the chosen elements and the corner or dressing units placed inside.

Doors Finish
Reflex wardrobe is featured with glass hinged doors with aluminium frame. The glass panel is available in the finishes: Painted Glass, Silkscreen Printed Glass, Frosted Silkscreen Printed Glass, Mirror, Silkscreen Printed Mirror, Transparent Reflex Glass in all options from the samples page.
Mirror and glass are equipped with an internal anti-chipping Silver layer, except reflex glasses that are tempered.

Structure Finish
Aluminium frame and handle are finished in smooth lacquer. The wardrobe comes with a honeycomb structure veneered in real wood and matt lacquered matching the frame.

Handles Model
Plam aluminium handle is built in the door frame, with matching finish. Please view the Technical Characteristics to view the images in detail.

All wardrobes of Napol Furniture collection offer several solutions for the night area, which can be customized according to customer specific tastes and needs. The interior designers by the authorized retailers of Napol Furniture will offer you their professional assistance in the creation of customized projects according to specific needs.

Manufacturing Process Details
Napol always privileges the use of real wood. Each product is a unique piece of furniture, coming with distinctive and incomparable grains, mottles and colours, typical of real wood. All models are covered with wooden layers – obtained by cutting tree trunks - which are applied to the product through a veneering process. This valuable cover has an internal honeycomb sandwich structure. The honeycomb sandwich panels are featured with a “honeycomb” core made of wood: this manufacturing technique leaves a hollow space inside a rigid structure, giving lightness and solidity to the structure.

All wardrobes belonging to Napol Furniture are made in Italy with real wood veneered honeycomb sandwich panel structures, coming in essences or lacquer. The internal finish of the wardrobes is available in real Tanganika walnut wood or White textured laminate.
Reflex wardrobe with glass hinged doors has doors made up of an aluminium frame which enclose glass or mirror panels.
Plam handles are placed on the aluminium frame.

Technical Characteristics and Equipment:

Wooden doors and sides are externally finished with real wood veneer; lacquered doors and sides are finished with polyester paints, polished and lacquered.
- Hinged Doors in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel: internally they are veneered with Tanganika Walnut when the internal parts of the wardrobes come in this finish; they are covered with wood coming in a matching colour when they internal parts come in a White Textured Laminate finish.

Reflex dressing unit comes with Plan handles, visible here below. The pictured model is the same, what changes is the finish.

- Sides in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel: thickness cm 2,6. Internally they can be made in a Tanganika Walnut or in a White Textured Laminate veneer, a laminate made up of a white Alkorcell® layer with a Rift finish.
- Shelves: thickness cm 3,6. In Tanganika Walnut or White Textured Laminate veneered honeycomb sandwich panels.
- Backs: thickness mm 7. Made of 100% beech agglomerate. In Tanganika Walnut or White Textured Laminate veneered honeycomb sandwich panels.
- Bottoms, Tops, Partitions: thickness cm 2,6. In Tanganika Walnut or White Textured Laminate veneered honeycomb sandwich panels. Tops and bottoms are equipped with a dust profile. Bottoms are equipped with height adjustable steel feet.

Internal Equipment
Each compartment is equipped with 2 clothes hanger rods in white painted aluminium with scratch-resistant plastic profile and a structure shelf which is height adjustable in the pre-drilled structure. In case of wardrobes coming with compartments with different measurements, the biggest compartment cannot be equipped with any internal equipment.

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