Dia Sliding Wardrobe

Dia Sliding Wardrobe

Dia is a sliding wardrobe with doors in wood and glass or mirror and wood, also lacquered. A modular wardrobe made to measure from 187 cm to more than 4 metres.
  • Dia sliding wardrobe in wood and glass - model with 2 wooden doors with decorated mirror inserts
  • Detail of the doors in wood and Water mirror
  • Dia wardrobe with two lateral decorated doors and a smooth central Dora door
  • Possible Configurations of Dia wardrobe door. Purely illustrative colour and finshes
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Dia is a made to measure sliding wardrobe with doors with four sections in wood and glass or wood and mirror. The wardrobe can be composed as you like by combining modules with different widths. In this way it is possible to furnish a bedroom wall with a width from cm 187 to more than 4 metres with a sliding wardrobe with 2 or 3 doors.
The main characteristics of this wardrobe is the door composed of 4 trapezoid panels with different measurements: a panel is always in glass, three panels are always in wood or lacquer in one of the colours of the different finishes available: wood, open pore lacquered oak or matt lacquer. The wood maintains its characteristic grains, both horizontal and vertical. The look of the wardrobe is not disturbed by handles visible on the fronts; the doors are in fact equipped with lateral full height handles in smooth lacquered aluminium.
Dia wardrobe model with 3 sliding doors, is equipped with two lateral doors with 4 sections combined with a central smooth door form the Dora collection. This door is available in all the wood, matt lacquer, glass and mirror finishes that can be perfectly combined with Dia doors.
Due to its unique design, this model is patented.

Sliding Wardrobe Measurements
The wardrobe is made up of elements of cm 89,6 / 105,6 / 121,6 / 141,6 (excluding sides and partitions)

Wardrobe with 2 doors:
- cm 187 (89,6+89,6)
- cm 203 (89,6+105,6)
- cm 219 (105,6+105,6)
- cm 235 (121,6+105,6)
- cm 251 (121,6+121,6)
- cm 271 (141,6+121,6)
- cm 291 (141,6+141,6)

Wardrobe with 3 doors:
- cm 279,2 (89,6+89,6+89,6)
- cm 295,2 (89,6+105,6+89,6)
- cm 311,2 (105,6+89,6+105,6)
- cm 327,2 (105,6+105,6+105,6)
- cm 343,2 (105,6+121,6+105,6)
- cm 359,2 (121,6+105,6+121,6)
- cm 375,2 (121,6+121,6+121,6)
- cm 395,2 (121,6+141,6+121,6)
- cm 415,2 (141,6+121,6+141,6)
- cm 435,2 (141,6+141,6+141,6)

Depth: cm 66
Height: cm 260

Wood Finish
Dia wardrobe has sliding doors composed of 4 trapezoid sections in "feather" particle wood. 3 are veneered in real wood, available in the following finishes: Pearl Elm, Brown Elm, Open Pore Lacquered Oak and Matt Lacquer in all the samples colours.
The two smaller sections always have vertical grains, while the bigger ones always have horizontal grains.

Glass Finish
Every door always have a glass section (in the Technical Characteristics you can find an illustrative image) available in all the finishes of: Painted Glass, Silkscreen Printed Glass, Frosted Silkscreen Printed Glass, Artisan Glass, Mirror, Silkscreen Printed Mirror. In the Samples Page it is possible to view all the colours and decorations available.

Handles Model
Dia is equipped with full height handles in smooth lacquered aluminium.

All wardrobes of Napol Furniture collection offer several solutions for the night area, which can be customized according to customer specific tastes and needs. The interior designers by the authorized retailers of Napol Furniture will offer you their professional assistance in the creation of customized projects according to specific needs.

Manufacturing Process Details
Napol always privileges the use of real wood. Each product is a unique piece of furniture, coming with distinctive and incomparable grains, mottles and colours, typical of real wood. All models are covered with wooden layers – obtained by cutting tree trunks - which are applied to the product through a veneering process. This valuable cover has an internal honeycomb sandwich structure.
The honeycomb sandwich panels are featured with a “honeycomb” core made of wood: this manufacturing technique leaves a hollow space inside a rigid structure, giving lightness and solidity to the structure.

All wardrobes belonging to Napol Furniture are made in Italy by skilled craftsmen and undergo constant qualitative verifications. Napol uses structures and doors made of honeycomb panels veneered with real wood, also lacquered in several colours.
The panels used in the manufacturing of our wardrobes comply with the E1 European laws. On the inside, the honeycomb structure is veneered with Tanganika walnut wood or covered with a polymer leaf called Streaked White.

Technical Characteristics and Equipment

The doors are made of "feather" particle virgin wood. Every door is composed of 4 sections: 3 are finished in real wood or lacquered; 1 is finished with a glass panel.
All the sliding doors are equipped with bars for the vertical stabilisation, with top and bottom runners on their whole width. Vertical handles in smooth lacquered aluminium.
The doors for the cm 141,6 elements are provided disassembled.

Dia sliding wardrobe has cm 3,3 thick doors composed of 4 trapezoid panels. The image on the right is an illustrative example of how Dia sliding doors can be realized:
- the panels with an asterisk are always available only in glass;
- 1: panels available in Pearl elm and Brown elm open pore finish with only horizontal grains, or in all the matt lacquer colours;
- 2: panels available in Pearl elm and Brown elm open pore finish with only vertical grains, or in all the matt lacquer colours.

Dia sliding wardrobe with 3 doors, is always equipped with a solid coloured Dora central door, available with width cm 89,6 and 105,6.

In the photo gallery you can also find designs of possible combinations. The colours used in the designs are purely illustrative.

- Sides: cm 2,6 thick in honeycomb wood, on the inside they can be in Tanganika Walnut or Streaked White finish.
- Shelves: cm 3,6 thick in honeycomb wood veneered with Tanganika Walnut or Streaked White.
- Backs: mm 7 thick, in 100% poplar particle wood veneered in real Tanganika Walnut wood or Streaked White.
- Bottoms, Tops, Partitions: cm 2,6 thick in honeycomb wood veneered in real Tanganika Walnut wood or Streaked White. Tops and bottoms are equipped with an anti-dust profile. Bottoms are equipped with height adjustable steel feet.
The panels not made of honeycomb wood are made of 100% poplar/fir particle wood.
- Hinges: Chrome Nickel finish.
- Sliding Doors System: rails and runners are equipped with a soft closing system, to slow down and stop the doors when opened and closed.
The panels not made of honeycomb wood are made of 100% poplar/fir particle wood.

Internal Equipment
Each compartment is equipped with 2 clothes hanger rods in white painted aluminium with scratch-resistant plastic profile and a structure shelf which is height adjustable in the pre-drilled structure.
In case of wardrobes coming with compartments with different measurements, the biggest compartment cannot be equipped with any internal equipment.

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