Napol Arredamenti S.r.l. has been dealing with Interiors Furniture since 1967. Since then, it has specialized in the manufacturing of wardrobes, bed groups, beds and wall systems, made exclusively of Real Wood.
Its manufacturing and managing headquarters is set in Veneto, Godega di S.Urbano, in the heart of one of the most productive and innovative industrial areas of Europe.
Napol aims to offer an innovative and functional design with a special attention to details, a great value-for-money and a wide range of high quality raw materials.
The expression "Vertical Company" has been used to describe Napol, referring not only to the idea of a innovation and growth oriented company but also to refer to a company which has a strong orientation towards internal manufacturing and "internally made" furniture.

With a facility of 20.000 square meters, a highly skilled workforce of 90 employees and technologically up-to-date equipment, the manufacturing process is carefully overseen, thus allowing to carry out an extensive quality control on each piece of furniture.
A "company inside the company", our sawmill manufactures all straight and shaped panels, by using technologically up-to-date equipment which is controlled by skilled carpenters.

Even the lacquering process is carried out internally in several painting facilities: a first automatic line with a length of 140 linear metres deals with roll and coating finishes; a second automatic line is dedicated to paint-spraying and several rooms are equipped to make the final finishes.
The automated warehouse extends on 5 vertical floors in which storage and collection operations are carried out automatically for the safety of employees. The plant guarantees high effective standards of packages handling and a remarkable logistical precision.

"When we pack our products we are aware and proud of following each step of their manufacturing process: we are the one who creates them and the one who carries out the final control on them".

A declaration which sums up the passion and dedication with which Napol brothers have been leading the family business.

In 2011 a new managing centre was inaugurated, an up-to-date facility which is located next to the manufacturing plant: this new base is characterized by elegance, functionality and by environments based on material concreteness and glass transparency, which create a balanced and harmonious future-oriented atmosphere.



Napol is a furniture project for the Day and Night Area, is a system and a philosophy that combines with harmony the same woods and trendy colours over the whole house.


Napol Furniture

The Day Area gathers modern living room furniture, customizable sideboards and cupboards, tables and chairs perfectly matchable as well as highly modular and custom made wall systems.
The Night Area gathers modern wardrobes with unique design and beds characterised by the combination of classic and modern style, matched with wooden dressers and nightstands completing refined and warm bedrooms.




Napol believes in values of quality and materials research.
The combination between design, materials and manufacturing techniques coming from the greatest handicraft tradition creates a unique synergy: Napol moulds the wood by giving it new and innovative shapes  and it furnishes Day and Night Area with the warm and timeless charm of this valuable material, which can resist to short-lived fashion trends.
Napol production features the perfect moulding of curved furniture pieces: shaped elements are obtained through the use of plywood.

All furniture for living rooms and bedrooms is veneered with real solid Wood layers, a technique which makes each piece unique and original. Napol is particularly aware of environment policies and it uses wood coming from areas with controlled deforestation, which are managed according to strict environmental standards.

Napol pieces of furniture are enhanced by harmonic, modern and rational shapes and represent the core of the house as well as the personality of the people who live in it.




On the 20th of February 2014 CRIBIS B&B agency, leader in the business information field, assigned to Napol Arredamenti S.p.A. CRIBIS D&B Rating 1: most reliable.

CRIBIS D&B belongs to a global group that through its detailed reports on every kind of Italian firms guarantees the highest quality standards. The agency gives complete reports in terms of economic and commercial information on different companies.
Thanks to CRIBIS D&B certification customers can make their purchases in total safety from reliable certified companies.
Napol Arredamenti received the most reliable certification, view it at the link here below.