Napol Furniture

Napol S.r.l. is an Italian company which has been operating in the furniture field for over 40 years.

Starting from the 60s it has specialized in the manufacturing of wardrobes, bed groups and living rooms made of Real Wood, following the Made in Italy handicraft ability.

Set in Veneto, one of the main Italian manufacturing centres, Napol has become internationally known, which is a proof and an acknowledgment of the quality of its products.

Our pieces of furniture, manufactured in the plant of Godega di Sant'Urbano, come from the collaboration between professional designers and skilled artisans: an association which combines technology and the "handmade" feature with the aim to create a reliable and original product.

Napol means Quality, Innovation and Elegance: values coming from the experience in the field of high quality woodworking, a typical Italian skill of which Napol is a representative.


Napol Arredamenti

By choosing Napol furniture you choose the beauty and the charm of Real Wood.

Napol places its distinctive mark on the house furniture thanks to its woods and finishes with sober colours, thus offering a studied "palette" designed to give the highest degree of context customization.

Napol offers a wide range of modern elegant solutions, selecting the most valuable woods: Canaletto walnut, oak, elm, cherry wood, ash wood.

The "material" nature and the grains of wood, which are always different, are incomparable characteristics which make Napol products unique and bound to resist to short-lived fashion trends. Besides the use of wood, studied and refined details are the other characteristics of Napol products: shaped lines, uninterrupted veneers, curvy shaped surfaces are only some examples of Napol "trademarks" which represent 40 year of experience.
Lacquerings and wood veneers are made "just in time": a guarantee for uniform colours on the whole surface of the product. Our furniture joins beauty, functionality and comfort for the modern house.


Napol Furniture

The careful selection of raw materials and the ever-growing technological and aesthetic research reflect the desire of Napol to enhance and continue the handicraft ability which marks Made in Italy furniture. Napol Studies and Researches Centre designs flexible systems: this process leads to design furniture items which can integrate with each other and whose aim is to create "beautiful and clever" environments, thus meeting functional as well as aesthetic needs.

The light structure of Wardrobes is given by the use of honeycomb sandwich panels, which are veneered with Real Wood layers, coming from the cutting of trunks. The solid wood hides a "honeycomb" core that gives sturdiness to doors and structures.

The uninterrupted technological and aesthetic research has brought Napol to design the curved surfaces which have become its trademark. This manufacturing detail is obtained by using curved plywood, a highly resistant material which comes from the cutting of trunks in thin layers, which are then joined together perpendicularly and shaped to create curved elements with a great aesthetic value.


Napol Furniture

Napol offers an original and unique style thanks to its passion for wood and balanced atmospheres, in which rational solutions can improve everyday life. Napol aims to reach a furniture harmony by suggesting "lifestyles" which reflect the style of the modern house, meeting at the same time the needs of the modern man.

These concepts give rise to modular furniture solutions designed to guarantee a high degree of design customization: this leads to modular products such as furniture products for the living room which are suitable for environments of any style and size; sliding or hinged wardrobes for modern or classic bedrooms and for all space needs; modular walk-in closets which can be highly customized and studied in any structural and aesthetic detail.

The search for the ideal "Total Living", the desire for an unusual design, as well as sober and exclusive pieces of furniture, prove the concrete passion for modern design.

Experience and tradition combine here to get in touch with modernity and its housing rules, which are essential requirements and values.