12/07/18 - What's better than a golden bed for a luxury bedroom?

Usually, in the furniture field, when we mention a gold plated finish we always mean the application of a golden leaf. This is a precious technique which consists in the application of extra thin golden foils on a wooden or metal surface, making the furniture piece looks like made out of gold. This finish is often used in furniture with a classic style, however a golden double bed can be a great choice for modern and contemporary environments too.
Napol decided to revisit this finish with a modern key by choosing a yellow metallic lacquering, a colour very similar to gold, which results trendy and very long lasting at the same time.




19/12/2017 - Dream Napol Gold Collection: new wooden bedroom sets available online and in stores

After the presentation of the new living room collection, please welcome our bedroom sets: Gold Collection has been designed to celebrate our first 50 years of activity with collections that exalt wood as Napol main material of choice. It's not a mystery that wood is our favourite material, we love it both in its raw Briccola version as well as in its several lacquered and painted tones, we love moulding it and transforming it in innovative shapes. Wood is the absolute protagonist of every modern bedroom that wants to keep a classy style that can last for a very long time. Every veneer finish is warm and cosy; elm wood, ash-wood, cherry, oak, Briccola wood they all furnish with taste trendy environments making every night area unique and different from the others. 
We remained loyal to our philosophy through the years but at the same time we kept an eye on all the changes that modern life has brought to living solutions and furniture style: in our Gold Collection we adapted to smaller rooms, latest trends, new colours and materials and we mixed traditional Italian tastes with an international contamination.
You will find double beds, dressers, nightstands and high chests decorated with precious details, curved shapes and hand-made pieces that have featured Napol production for a long time. A perfect balance between design, shape and function with original headboards, almost sculpture-like and practical elements to organise the night area.
During the years furniture trends have evolved in a precise direction that has customer personalisation as a clear key element. That's why we developed a collection called Zip that allows for a complete customization of the finishes and materials. Thanks to the wide range of colours, woods and textures available it is possible to meet everyone needs in terms of style. Furthermore, for more sophisticated houses we developed Genesi, a luxury collection including a double bed, dresser and nightstands with a glamour style and ultra chic lacquered finishes.




20/11/2017 - Paola Marella at Napol Stand, 2017 Bergamo Furniture Fair

Our experience at Bergamo Furniture Fair ended in the best way by welcoming a special guest: Paola Marella, a very famous Italian real estate agent, famous for her TV programs on Real Time and Cielo channels.

Paola has been welcomed by Arredamenti Maggioni staff who with a bit of surprise and a great enthusiasm introduced her to Napol furniture and accessories.

Paola and the other visitors of the fair had the chance to see and touch with their own hand some of the new entries in our "Dream Napol - Gold Collection" catalogue. Original and unique beds coordinated with their own sets of bedside tables, dresser and high chests; carefully designed furniture pieces and accessories for a charming night area.

INCOMING NEWS: soon online on our portal Dream Napol - Gold Collection catalogue. Stay tuned!

Paola Marella at Napol stand in Bergamo 2017 furniture fair




06/11/2017 - SAVE THE DATE! Napol at Bergamo Furniture Fair from the 11th to the 13th of November and from the 17th to the 19th of November.

Once again we'll be attending Bergamo Furniture Fair in partnership with Arredamenti Maggioni, one of our retailer from the Bergamo area (Lombardy)

Bergamo furniture fair is organised by Promoberg an institution promoting fairs in the area and it represents an important occurrence in the furniture field gathering several Made in Italy companies. The fair is highly appreciated by the many visitors which can touch with their own hand the latest trends as well as the quality of modern design furniture pieces.

We'll meet in Bergamo, via Lunga, at Salone del Mobile di Bergamo, from the 11th to the 13th of November and from the 17th of November to the 19th of November 2017. You'll find us at Pavillion B, Stand 108.

The fair will be open during the following days and hours:
- working days: from 6 pm to 10 pm
- Saturday: from 2 pm to 10 pm
- Sunday: from 10.30 am to 8 pm
For further information please visit the official Salone del Mobile Bergamo website.

Napol at 2017 Bergamo furniture fair




31/10/2017 - Napol furniture captured by Tg5 cameras

Our furniture have been captured at MoaCasa 2017 by Tg5 cameras.
TG5 is one of the main Italian news, broadcast on Canale 5 (Channel 5) and they showed a glimpse of Arredamenti Pastore stand at the fair with some of our furniture pieces.

Once again we would like to thank Arredamenti Pastore for their precious collaboration, there's still time to come and visit us at Rome Moacasa up to November the 5th. Rome Fair, Pavillion 1, Stand 9

The fair will be open in the following days and times:
- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: from 3 pm to 8 pm.
- Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: from 10 am to 8 pm.


NEWS: soon online you'll find our brand new catalogue called Dream Napol - Gold Collection with several new pieces for the night area including the Genesi collection you see in the photo. Stay tuned!


Napol and MoaCasa 2017 on Tg5




18/10/2017 - SAVE THE DATE! Napol at MoaCasa in Rome, from October the 28th to November the 5th

For yet another year we'll be attending MoaCasa, in collaboration with Arredamenti Pastore, one of our Retailer in the Rome area.

MoaCasa - Furniture and Design Fair - is at its 43 edition, it represents a great opportunity for furniture lovers and professionals. MoaCasa is the right place where to gather new trends and catchy design solutions as well as touching with your own hand high quality furniture pieces. Among the exhibitors you can find the best Italian manufacturers and furniture brands.


We'll wait for you at MoaCasa in Rome, from October the 28th to November the 5th 2017. You will find us at Pavilion 1, Stand 9.
We're waiting for you!

The fair will be open during the following days and hours:
- Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday: from 10 am to 8 pm
- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: from 3 pm to 8 pm
For further information please visit MoaCasa 2017 website.


Napol at MoaCasa 2017




29/08/2017 - Smoked glass wardrobe: the charm of a see-through effect

You know we love wood, and we'll never get tired of repeating it, but we surely can't disdain glass, another material that dominates furniture solutions. Available in several shapes and colours, glass always provides a stylish touch to every house, it is elegant and refined, and can make any environment look richer, brighter, and bigger.

Among all types of glasses, today we focus on smoked glass, a peculiar bronzed glass we use to create modular hinged and sliding wardrobes.
The dark shade of this glass has a double feature: it hides all the items inside the wardrobe, and reflects what's in front of it. Moreover, this peculiar effect creates pleasant play of clearnesses and reflections.

Look at some photos of a smoked glass wardrobe > DISCOVER REFLEX


Reflex smoked glass wardrobe




19/07/2017 - Two-tone top wooden dining tables

When we talk about wooden dining tables with an elegant two-tone effect our mind goes straight to Napol Arredamenti models. Four tables with a central wave-like decoration, geometric patterns or tops made up of different materials and colours.

In order to maintain the style and exclusivity of each model we recommend to choose different colours and finishes especially if they are in contrast with each other. Play with textures and come up with personalised solutions, choose a tone on tone effect or combine different shades. The options are many, from wood veneers to special Briccola and Fresno wood, matt lacquer and glossy lacquer. In the version with trapezoidal sections you can also opt for a contrast with a glass piece,

Find out all dining tables; BROWSE THE CATALOGUE


Napol Arredamenti wooden top tables




15/06/2017 - Napol wall systems from another point of view

"Details make the difference" and they tell us more about a furniture quality. We've been manufacturing Made in Italy real wood modern furniture for 50 years. We pour our heart in it, our skills, passion, experience and knowledge of raw materials. We don't just craft living and bedroom furniture, we try to experiment, to stand out; we love to mould wood in innovative shapes and offer functional solutions that always follow the latest trends.

In the image on the right you can see some details of our wall units, which are what makes our furniture unique and exclusive. Curvy wall units and cabinets, different thicknesses, two-tone decorated doors, carved handles, traditional finishes, trendy colours, reclaimed and eco-friendly materials, well designed finish combinations.

Find out the endless possibilities offered by Napol wall systems >BROWSE THE CATALOGUE


Detail of Napol Arredamenti wall system




20/04/2017 - Modern wooden sideboards: Duna collection

Our catalogue welcomed a brand new wooden sideboard collection, highly customisable for measurements and finishes.
You can choose a 2, 3, 4 or 5 doors sideboard made of real wood finish or in matt, glossy, open pore lacquer. Also available in Venetian briccoles wood. The main feature of these sideboards lie in their curvy wavy outline composed of concave and convex doors which can be rounded on the sides or in the middle.

Duna 1681: sideboard with 4 push-pull doors
Duna 1682: white lacquered low sideboard
Duna 1683: modern sideboard in bent wood


Duna 1681 sideboard with 4 doors




09/03/2017 - Modern coffee tables: 2017 living room new features

Live Napol Gold Collection catalogue has been online for a few months now but we still haven't talked about our absolute new feature: coffee tables, seven brand new products to complete your modern living room furniture.
These occasional tables are low and compact, specifically designed to decorate the area in front of the sofa and to conveniently hold small items you want to keep always close at hand. All the models are made in real wood, to carry on Napol inner core and spirit, sometimes wood might also be matched with glass. The combination of such different materials result in modern and trendy solutions, perfect for stylish living rooms. Of course we did not leave out our unmistakable Venetian briccola finish: the precious reclaimed wood coming from Venetian lagoon. Last but not least we also added a set of two coffee tables, with a peculiar triangular top and petal-shaped legs and a magazine rack with an open compartment perfect for books and magazines.


Napol new catalogue coffee tables




08/11/2016 - SAVE THE DATE! Napol @ Salone del Mobile in Bergamo 12 - 14 | 18 - 20 November

October has been a busy month and November will be no less. Starting November the 12th we'll be attending Bergamo Salone del Mobile at PromoBerg Fair. This year too we'll join our partner Maggioni Arredamento from Sant'Omobono Terme one of our Retailer from Bergamo area.
The fair will gather more than 100 different exhibitors with the best Italian modern and design furniture companies, a great opportunity to get an update on the new trends.

Come meet us during 12 - 14 November / 18 - 20 November at promoBerg (Bergamo Fair, via Lunga, 24125 Bergamo).
At Arredamenti Maggioni stand (Pavilion B Stand 92-94) you'll be the first to discover Napol Live Gold Collection products for the living area.

Fair Opening Hours:

  • Saturday 10:30 - 22:00
  • Sunday 10:30 - 20:00
  • Weekdays 18:00 - 22:00


Click here to download the invitation

Book an appointment at Salone del Mobile with Arredamenti Maggioni

  Napol Salone del Mobile in Bergamo 2016

Napol Salone del Mobile di Bergamo 2016




27/10/2016 - LIVING ROOM NEWS: Napol Live is finally online and at our Partner Retailers

A new collection for our first 50 years of activity: such an accomplishment deserves to be celebrated, first of all with the refurbishment of our well known living room furniture system. We stopped for a bit, looked back and tried to find the right path for the future, this means following trends while staying faithful to our tradition.
But how do we do that?
Our main material will remain real wood, veneer techniques, the use of plywood, the characteristic curved doors: all the elements composing Napol collection will not change in the future, because forgetting the hand-crafted tradition that brought us here would means forgetting our rooths.
What's new in this Napol Live collection?
Wall systems and living room furniture pieces such as tables and chairs, sideboards and cupboards as well as our brand new coffee tables are all part of modern living furniture solutions that maintain at the same time a refined and sophisticated style. 2017 wall systems fit every kind of living room spaces as well as the tastes of the most different customers. But that's an old story, we know: bespoke modular furniture are key in a contemporary living area. The real news lies in the selection of finishes proposed. We're getting back to our first love, real cherry wood and for this we chose a European Cherry finish able to combine in its core both styles: modern and traditional. An exquisite charm that only real wood texture and grains can give. But the new finishes aren't over yet, together with finishes such as elm, cherry wood, open pore lacquered oak, Venetian briccola and ash-wood we added fresno, a painted ash-wood finish, created to renew living room elements thanks to its trendy and modern shades, perfect also in combination with the brand new Teca display case, entirely made of glass to add a touch of brightness to the living room.
Glass is the other great new entry of our 2017 living room collection. Display cases, coffee tables with clear glass legs, dining tables with crystal supports looking like they're just floating around. Wood and glass merge in a contemporary living where customization and uniqueness are a definite must.

  New 2017 living room furniture and wall systems




19/10/2016 - Napol at MoaCasa from October the 22nd to November the 1st @ Fiera di Roma

We have a brand new collection incoming and so many events and commitments: in October we'll be at MoaCasa in Rome, from October the 22nd to November the 1st. This year as well we'll attend thanks to the collaboration with one of our partners: Pavillion 1, Stand 10, come and find us together with Pastore Arredamenti from Pantano Borghese, one of our Retailers in Rome. MoaCasa is now at its 42nd edition and gathers the best modern and design companies from Italy, giving at the same time space to new ideas and innovative projects.

MoaCasa takes place from October the 22nd to November the 1st at Fiera di Roma - Est entrance.
At Arredamenti Pastore stand (PAV.1 - STAND 1) you will be able to see and touch Napol furniture and be the first to see Live Napol new products and finishes for the living area.
Fair Opening Hours:
- Saturday, Sunday, 1st of November 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
- Weekdays 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  Napol at MoaCasa 201, Fiera di Roma




05/09/16 - 5 reasons to choose a wooden double bed

Why should you choose a double bed veneered in real wood?
Here at Napol we found 5 great reasons:

1_ because wood is a natural material and it conveys a pure beauty;
2_ for the clean yet charming lines and the refined details;
3_ because it's easy to clean and maintain;
4_ because it's resistant and it will last for a very long time;
5_ because it's beautiful on the inside and outside.

Find out all our wooden beds.


Napol Arredamenti wooden beds





05/07/16 - A wardrobe customizable by the centimetre: bespoke yet convenient

A wardrobe customizable by the centimetre is a bespoke wardrobe which allows to create layouts in several widths with a difference of just e few centimetres. It is a "custom cut" wardrobe made without expensive additional cuts.

Start by measuring the space at disposal, choose the modules that can fit your space such as linear elements, corner elements, side units, drawers, TV compartments and bridge units.

After that concentrate on the finishes and colours, the handle models and the internal equipment you'd like to add.

Have a look at all our wardrobes customizable by the centimetre.

Napol wardrobe, customizable by the centimetre





07/06/16 - One wall system, endless layouts

We know you've heard it before, but we never get tired of saying that our wall systems are fully customizable and modular. Starting from the single elements you can really get the composition of your dreams; simply select the measurements, the layout, the position, the material and finishes.

Have a look at our catalogue, choose your favourite wall system and contact our Staff or our Partner Retailers around Italy for a custom project.

Browse all Napol wall systems.

Napol Arredamenti Wall systems and Bookcases





03/05/16 - Modular walk-in closets

Have you had the chance to look at our walk-in closets? What are you waiting for? Check them out immediately by clicking here:
Modular walk-in closets.

Choose your favourite shape: linear, corner, "L" shaped or "U" shaped.
Choose the required measurements: match the different modules and single elements.
Choose the finishes: Tanganyika walnut, streaked white, Pearl elm, Brown elm, open pore lacquered oak.
Choose the equipment: shelves, chest of drawers, trouser racks, trays, tie racks, shoe racks, mirrors, quilted bags.

Napol modular walk-in closets





11/04/16 - A New blog for Napol Arreamenti

We have a new blog. After 4 years on we decided to move to another portal. We'll keep writing about our products, give you previews on new collections, how-to guides on living room and bedroom furnishing and analysis on materials and manufacturing techniques.

 Welcome to new readers and welcome back to the old ones. Enjoy our new blog!

Blog Napol Arredamenti





01/04/16 - Napol Arredamenti on Facebook

Yes that's right we've been on Facebook for a while now.

If you are already following our account you've already had the chance to look at the photos taken at our partner retailers' showrooms. Sometimes photos mean more than words and with these images we would like to give you an additional instrument to imagine the (almost) endless potential of all our modern furniture in real wood.

If you haven't "Liked" our page yet here it is... --> Napol Arredamenti on Facebook

Napol Arredamenti on Facebook





03/03/16 - Have a look at Musa nightstand from another point of view

Musa nightstandis a classic piece in our collection, but it's always worthy of attention. This time, it decided to reveal its real nature opening up its drawers. With open drawers, as a matter of fact, its slightly curvy line it's even clearer and peculiar. Its wavy outline makes the structure smoother and add a soft, comfortable, warm feeling to the bedroom./p>

We recommend to match this nightstand with a wooden bed with bent headboard, for example Clio, to highlight even more Musa peculiar shape.

Musa nighstand belongs to the bedroom set of the same name, composed of Musa dresser with 4 drawers and Musa high chest with 6 drawers.




Musa Nightstand





04/02/16 - Gola, a wardrobe with TV compartment

Despite being a new entry in our catalogue, this wardrobe is already one of our customers favourite along with our best seller products.
It is completely made of real wood, it is modular and practically custom cut; however its strongest aspect is the open compartment that works as a TV stand.

We're talking about Gola, a wardrobe with hinged doors featuring a pull-out adjustable panel upon which fastening the TV.
A hole on the back and the hidden cables guarantee a clean, sleek look together with the utmost functionality.

The advantages of such a TV compartment are many and easy to grasp, especially for modern houses with smaller bedrooms and thanks to the latest technological breakthroughs. Furthermore, Gola is a wardrobe that allows you to have access to your TV any time, being always visible and not concealed by its doors neither directly built-in them.



Gola wardrobe with TV compartment








03/11/15 - Napol with Cereda Group at Bergamo Salone del Mobile Fair from the 14th to the 16th and from the 20th to the 22nd of November, 2015

Same as last year, Napol will attend Bergamo Furniture Fair in collaboration with Cereda Group.

This fair is one of the most important event in Northern Italy, where all Made in Italy experts and lovers gather together; it will be open to the public from the 14th to the 16th of November and from the 20th to the 22nd of November: week days opening ours from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. - Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. - Sunday from 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Come and meet us!

Furniture Fair in Bergamo





12/10/15 - Napol together with Arredamenti Pastore attends Moacasa Fair in Rome from the 24th of October to the 1st of November 2015

Napol will attend Moacasa, in Rome, thanks to the precious collaboration of Arredamenti Pastore.

Moacasa is an important fair in the interiors furniture field: furniture, accessories and decorations for the living and night area take over three pavillions dedicated to modern furnishings.
The best of Made in Italy will be there with all the lastest news and trends for modern, classic and contemporary houses. This year's main theme will be human well being, with solutions aiming at increasing the wealth inside your own house, always in harmony with the environment: personal care, a simple domestic life, functional furniture with an eco-friendly heart. After 41 years, this fair is the main event of Centre - South Italy with more than 100.000 visitors each year.

Moa Casa 2015 will take place at Nuova Fiera di Roma and will be open to the public from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Arredamenti Pastore will be at Pavillion 1, Stand 10.
We'll be waiting for you!

Click here and download Moacasa 2015 invitation



Napol at Moa Casa 2015 in Rome





10/09/15 - Napol in collaboration with Napoletano Mobili at Levante Fair in Bari from the 12th to 20th of September 2015

#ENTUSIASMANTE! (exiting!) This is the official motto (and hashtag) of the 79th Bari Levante Fair which will take place from the 12th to the 20th of September, 2015.
We can't help but join the excitement of this event, Napol will be there also thanks to the precious collaboration of Napoletano Mobili from Palo del Colle (BA). During this edition we will present our new wardrobe named Dia which will be matched with Fontana bedroom set. For the living area the guest star will obviously be one of our wall system from 302 collection.

Levante Fair will open to the public from Monday to Friday; from 10.00 to 21.00, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 to 21.30. We'll be waiting for you!



Napol attending 2015 Levante Fair in Bari





03/09/15 - WARDROBE NEWS: find online all the new sliding and hinged door wardrobes and their own characteristics

Napol wardrobes collection gets bigger, thanks to 3 brand new models with hinged doors and 2 sliding door wardrobes. That's not the only news though, new matt and glossy lacquered colours enter the wide range of samples already available, together with painted, decorated glasses as well as silk-screen mirrors.

Hinged door wardrobes welcome Taj and Cono: the first is a wardrobe with two tone wooden doors, the second comes with a new peculiar handle. In addition to these two new models a new version of Gola wardrobe came to life,  Gola TV model is a wardrobe equipped with a pull-out adjustable TV compartment, for well equipped and functional bedrooms.

Dia and Smusso are the new entries of the sliding door wardrobes collection. Dia is a patented model characterized by doors divided into different sections, allowing an extreme customization in terms of combination of different colours, finishes and materials. Smusso is a wardrobe with sliding doors which gathers all main features of Napol manufacturing process: big honeycomb panels veneered in real wood, light and resistant at the same time and built-in handles directly carved in the door thickness, made of solid wood.

Don't worry, we did not forget about our "old" models. Thanks to the arrival of new finishes, our designers proceeded with an entire restyling of the products: you'll find previous models with new versions, such as Tecno wardrobe in Pearl elm and Branches glass, Zenith in Brown elm with lacquered side doors, Ghibli in a bright version with Millerighe glass. And again: Liscia hinged wardrobe proposed in two heights and Curved Door in an extremely modern white glossy lacquered version.





  New Napol wardrobes catalogue

22/07/15 - Incoming news for the night area: new wardrobes catalogue

Starting from September a new wardrobes catalogue will be available for all bedrooms .

Here's the news:
- new models of door 
- new models of handle 
- new open pore lacquered oak colours: rope, ice, kaki, hazel, sahara, silk grey
- new matt lacquered colours: ice, hazel, sahara
- new glass finishes: white branches, grey branches
- new mirror finishes: cloud, water

Some finishes will be discontinued, same as some doors and handles.
Real wood and doors with honeycomb panels will remain as well as the internal structures, available from September in Tanganyika wood and streaked white. 
The modularity "to the centimetre" and the possibility to get practically custom made wardrobes will remain our trademark, to serve even the most demanding Customer.

We decided to opt for these new entries in order to keep up with the latest trends while still crafting modern furniture in real wood. We constantly work to offer high quality items with an appealing look and which will last through time.

"Stay tuned"... see you in September!


  Napol new wardrobes catalogue




28/05/15 - Beds new feature: bent plywood headboards

Our latest collection, Napol Night brought a series of changes in the bedroom offer. We've already talked about new items, Fontana dresser and nightstand restyling, we mentioned all the advantages of the new dynamic slatted base and we explained the difference between Mag and Ric storage box. Today we introduce a small yet big detail which characterizes our beds: the possibility to choose a bent headboard.

In order to shape the headboard we use real wood plywood panels with a thickness of 20 mm coming from sawn trunks. This material is easy to mould and shape according to one's needs without loosing its resistance and sturdiness. Texture and grains are kept in their natural form.

The rounded headboard becomes the main feature of the bed increasing its value and quality.

  Napol beds with bent headboard






22/04/15 - Folding, a crafting technique for high quality wooden furniture

We've been manufacturing real wood modern furniture for all our lives always following traditional techniques and guaranteeing an elegant yet practical furniture piece suitable for all the environments of the house. We especially keep an eye on the different crafting techniques since we want to manufacture high quality furniture, perfectly finished in the smallest detail and aesthetically pleasant.

Some of our furniture pieces are manufactured thanks to Folding technique.
This particular crafting process consists in a light "V" shaped cut applied on a wooden panel. During the assembly a simple folding of the panel is required following the line marked on the surface. Other than making the assembling steps easier, this system results in a structure without visible angles, edges and joining points. The presence of a single piece of material guarantees a regular and continuous texture which increases the aesthetic value of the item making it light and resistant at the same time. By choosing this technique it is possible to contain the production costs since it does not need a specific finishing of the edge.

  Folding crafting technique





24/02/15 - Living room furniture new look

With "302 Evolution" collection Napol changed the style of the living room furniture: we introduced brand new finishes like wood recycled from Venetian "briccoles", "Color" ash-wood, patinated and matt lacquered, the original "Stone" glass for a 3D effect and the innovative eco-cement.
During the years Napol brand marked the style of several Italian homes, with the well-known Idea wall system, in cherry wood and with its curved doors: don't worry we are not going to put aside valuable woods and the crafting techniques that made our products well-recognized, we will keep our trade-marks but at the same time we will modernize our creations in line with the latest trends. Modern collections are characterized by the use of raw-looking materials - often coming from recycling - and the matching of new textures and surfaces, coming directly from the architectural and construction field. Houses are characterized by subtle, matt and relaxing shades, with a unique natural touch of wood: that's why the living area palette offers, together with woods and ash-wood accent colours, matt lacquers in several trendy colours..

View Living Room Collection

  Matt lacquered living room




28/11/14 - Fontana 2 comes to life: restyling of Fontana dresser and nightstands

One of the latest news in Napol Night catalogue is the restyling of current products. For instance Fontana bed group composed by a three-drawers dresser and a two-drawers nightstand characterized by an original integrated handle, carved directly into the plywood fronts. The bedroom set is made of wood and then veneered in Pearl elm, Brown elm or open pore lacquered oak in all samples colour.
The new structure has been made slimmer and curvier, composed by a single layer folded through folding technique, thanks to a "V" shaped cut of the panel and further folding. The structure thus remains continuous, without visible joining points a with an even veneer on all three sides.

View Fontana 2 dresser
View Fontana 2 nightstand




  New Fontana 2 wooden dresser and nightstands




24/11/14 - Online the new Napol Night collection: all the latest products for a modern and refined Bedroom

Napol Night is the new bedroom furniture collection, designed and manufactured for extremely trendy environments and for an increasingly demanding clientele which still looks for real wood products, shaped according to modern design lines and decorated with valuable handicraft details.

Wood is, as always, the main feature of our furniture collection: Pearl elm and Brown with their pleasant grains: open pore lacquered oak in an elegant Signal white or in other relaxing and trendy tones; the classic yet evergreen cherry wood with its warm shade and streaked surfaces.

Among the new entries find Vela double bed and Cora bed group.
Vela comes with an essential design, characterized by a thin headboard composed by a plywood panel with inward bent edges. Available with or without storage, it's an extremely versatile bed able to adapt to every kind of style, it suffices to change the finish or bed-ring model.
Cora collection includes a high chest, dresser with 3 drawers and nightstand with 2 drawers. A structure made of bent panels creates a pattern of rounded edges and 90° angles to add an original touch to the items. The integrated handle is a detail designed to keep the bedroom set pieces compact.




  News for Napol bedrooms




21/11/14 - Napol Night News: selection of bed-rings and feet for wooden storage beds


One of the biggest news on Napol Night collection concerns our double beds. The bed-ring of the models without box now comes with a new simple thin line, with rounded edges and high tube-shaped feet. Beds with storage box are available in two bed-ring models and feet in different shapes.

The two storage box models available are Mag and Ric. The capacity of the storage box is the same, what changes is the shape of the bed-ring and feet.

Mag box comes with a h.32 cm total height, including low squared feet measuring 6 cm of height. The bed-ring is smooth and slightly rounded.
Ric box comes with round feet, a bed-ring characterized by shaped lines and a decreasing thickness. The bed-ring total height is 31,5 cm with h.5,5 cm feet.

All double beds from this collection include a slatted base, which can be replaced with a dynamic slatted base with adjusters to follow the body movement. Furthermore, by choosing a model with storage box, you can feature the bed with a double lift-up system: the base can be placed in an horizontal position, parallel to the bed at a height of around 70 cm. This allows to safely have access to the box, and to make the bed with extreme ease.




  Napol beds News




21/10/14 - Online the new Napol samples page

New catalogue means new materials and new finishes, all available now in the new NAPOL Material Samples Page.

The colour palette you can use to customize the different furniture items welcomes brand new finishes according to the latest trends.

Venetian "briccole" wood, completely eco-friendly, uses recycled materials for an original natural look.
Matt lacquered color ash-wood for the highest colour performance: saffron, wine, emerald green, turquoise blue, silk grey and London, mokaccino and purple are an alternative to the classic white.
Stone Glass with 3D effect joins mirrored, painted, frosted, satin and decorated glass for a variety of glares.
Eco-cement for an homogeneous surface, clean, resistant and waterproof.




  Napol Material Samples




08/10/2014 - Eco-friendly Design: crafting furniture with wood coming from Venetian briccoles (dolphins)

Current trends on interior design state the great comeback of wood, especially in its rawest and purest form.
Since we've always been manufacturing real wood furniture we were more than pleased with this new trend and during the latest Milan's Salone del Mobile edition we presented a new collection having as main focus furniture crafted with wood recycled from Venetian dolphins.

Briccola (dolphin in English) is the typical structure found in Venetian lagoon composed by two or more big oak wood piles tied together and placed in the water; these have the purpose to indicate the available waterways to boats. By recycling these lagoon piles we gave life to an incredible finish called "Venetian Briccola".
What may look like imperfections on the surface are, as a matter of fact, marks of the wearing process of wood, performed by the action of sea water. Thanks to these features each piece is unique and inimitable.

The use of briccoles is part of this new eco-friendly design trend characterized by the respect and care of nature and our environment.
The reuse and recycle of this material makes it possible to craft beautiful furniture with a clear recall to Italian traditions and history.



  Venetian Briccola




16/09/2014 - Online and in Stores 302 Evolution: the new collection of wall systems

You can find it online and at our Partner Retailers: it's the new 302 Evolution collection, a catalogue of wall systems, sideboards and cupboards, tables and chairs for a trendy living room.

Our passion for real wood remains intact, what changes are the ways this noble material has been used.
We address to a broader public and we offer an extremely wide freedom of customization, with flexible shapes and modular items: 302 Evolution has been designed for young people and trendy couples coming out with a collection suitable for every kind of space, characterized by modern textured surfaces: urban environments with industrial influences; cosy living rooms in light wood for a nordic style, eco-friendly materials developed with an eye on new creative ways of recycling.
The material samples page has been enriched thanks to the new wood coming from Venetian briccoles, eco-cement, Stone glass with a 3D effect and new matt lacquered colours.

  302 Evolution new wall system collection




23/07/2014 - News on living room furniture

The latest Salone del Mobile in Milan focused mainly on wood as material for furniture pieces.
The current trends are pretty clear: natural materials matched to accent tones and a well designed contrast between raw inserts and refined details. Napol as well created an extremely innovative collection for the living area: new finishes, new wood types and new wood treatments, details of contemporary design combined with traditional crafting techniques. A mix which maintains a handicraft tradition but with a necessary change in style in order to satisfy the needs of a trendy and modern clientele. Our curved furniture and the use of wood veneer will still be part of the collection; we added new lacquered colours for accent tones, on top of textured surfaces inspired by an urban, young and modern style. Innovation but with an eye on tradition: that's how wooden furniture pieces reinvent themselves through a creative use of recycled materials.

The update affects mainly the living area and 302 wall systems. While the high customization and modularity of the elements still remain a key point in Napol design philosophy, we also added brand new finishes and colours. New wood finishes as "color" ash-wood and "Briccola" wood, new lacquered colours as yellow, sky and turquoise blue. Among the new materials available find the extra modern eco-cement and an original "Stone" glass.
Many new entries with a single purpose: create high quality wooden furniture, that can be modern yet survive through the most fleeting trends.

  Nuovo catalogo soggiorni Napol sistema 302




11/04/2014 - 2014 Salone del Mobile: latest news for the living room and bedroom

With 53° Milan's Salone del Mobile we addressed once again to a public of professionals who showed a real interest in our new products. This year wood was the real protagonist: a material we particularly love and that today, more than ever, plays a fundamental role in the furniture field but with a brand new face. A new face which is, in reality, traditional at the same time. The interest towards real wood has never been stronger, especially if used in its purest shape, almost "raw".
Napol living room shown during this Salone is characterized by a pleasant combination of modern geometric lines, contemporary finishes and elements where the material itself is used to enhance the single furniture piece. We remained faithful to our philosophy also with bedrooms: furniture veneered in real wood and a warm cosy atmosphere, completed by comfortable upholstered beds. Among the new entries sideboards particularly stand out, an original collection characterized by highly customizable doors, launched through Napol Project. If the production of modern furniture is our mission, the history of traditional woodworking lies in our roots: and that's the reason why for some selected items we chose to use wood coming from Venetian dolphins.

We'll be waiting you at Pavilion 12, stand C01_D02
Salone del Mobile - Rho Fair: 8 - 13 April 2014, h. 9.30 - 6.30p.m. open all day

  Napol Salone Mobile 2014




12/03/2014 - Napol at 53th Edition of Salone del Mobile of Milan

Napol will attend the "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" fair of Milan once again this year.
The exhibition will take place at the fairground of Fiera di Milano, Rho. You will find Napol corner at Hall n. 12, stand C01_D02  
8 - 13 April 2014, h. 9.30 - 18.30 open all day
The fair will be open to the public only on Saturday, the 12th and on Sunday, the 13th of April.
Fiera Milano, Rho - Entrances: Sud Gate, Est Gate, Ovest Gate, Cargo 4 (only SaloneSatellite).
To visit our stand we suggest you to enter East Gate.

Click here to download the invitation in pdf

  Napol Salone Mobile 2014




05/03/2014 - Napol has been assigned CRIBIS D&B Rating 1 "Most Reliable" certification

On 20/02/2014 Napol Arredamenti S.p.A. obtained CRIBIS D&B Rating 1: "Most Reliable".

CRIBIS D&B belongs to a global group leader in the business information field : through its detailed reports on every kind of Italian firm, CRIBIS D&B guarantees the highest quality standards giving at the same time the most complete and exhaustive reports in terms of economic and commercial information on the different companies.

Thanks to CRIBIS D&B certification you can make your purchases in complete safety from reliable certified companies.

Click here to download the certification in .pdf

  Cribis B&B Certification




05/02/2014 - Online the new Sideboards and Cupboards collection

Now online the new collection 2.13 of sideboards and cupboards.
The Day Area by Napol welcomes two new items belonging to the tradition of living room furniture, reinterpreted in a modern way with a new added value: the whole customization of doors and fronts, available in several colours and freely matchable according to your tastes and needs.
The sideboard is offered in several measurements: with 3, 4 or 5 doors, to be interchanged by drawers, baskets or open compartments. Each door is available in one, two or three coloured models, which can be chosen among the colours of Color Ashwood samples or among the ones of Matt Lacquer 2.13.
The cupboard is available in two measurements, with 4 doors which can be freely combined, coming in Color Ashwood and Matt Lacquer 2.13 colours.
Both products are featured with a lacquered metal base matching the structure, whereas inside each compartment there is a refined glass shelf.

Discover our Sideboards and Cupboards collection

  Napol Arredamenti News: modern sideboards and cupboards




31/01/2014 - New products, new finishes, innovative techniques

We constantly work for the creation of design solutions for even more modern and refined houses: the new Napol Project and Evoluzione 302 catalogues show new proposals for the Day Area and the Night Area, and a new collection of sideboards and cupboards. The distinctive featured of Napol values are still the modularity, the compatibility and, of course, the Real Wood.
Here the news:
- new ashwood essence with marked vertical grains enhanced by coating and lacquering
- new trendy colours: Color ashwood suitably combines with matched matt lacquered structures
- 45° handle: for the storage cabinets of the wall systems we have created a 45°-cut handle.

Discover our Wall Systems: 302.18 / 560.1 / 302.30 / 302.6

  Napol Arredamenti News: products, finishes and colours




21/10/2013 - Napol at MoaCasa from 26 October to 3 November

The agenda packed of events gets us back to Italy:  from 26th October to 3rd November we will be at MoaCasa, the Exhibit of Furniture and Design, at the Fair of Rome.
Just like for past events, we will be at this fair in good company: we will collaborate with Pastore Arredamenti of Pantano Borghese, one of our Retailers from Rome.
For about 40 years MoaCasa has been numbering among its exhibitors the best top-class Italian furniture companies, boosting the more interesting and remarkable brands of Made in Italy.
The event will take place from 26th October to 3rd November at Rome Fair - Est entrance.
Fair Hours:
- Saturday, Sunday and non-working days 10:00 - 20:00
- working days 15:00 - 20:00





26/09/2013 - Napol at Crocus Moscow from 16 to 19 October 2013

Napol's October agenda is rich of national and international events: from 16 to 19 October we are going to be in Moscow, at the famous Crocus Expo.
Crocus Moscow belongs to the ninth edition of "Saloni WorldWide", an event which brings the "Salone del Mobile di Milano" in Russia. It is a really unique occasion to meet a Country which has become in 2012 the world's fourth export destination for the Italian Wooden Furniture system.
The "Saloni WorldWide Moscow" will be located in an exhibition area of more than 18.000 square meters subdivided Design / Modern sectors inside Pavillions number 7 and 8 and Classic inside Pavilions number 10 and 11.

Napol Arredamenti will be at Crocus Moscow in:
Design / Modern sector
Pavillion 7 - Stand D10

Download invitation

  Napol at Crocus Moscow




25/09/2013 - From 5 to 13 October 2013 Napol at "Casa Su Misura"

When we talk about "Casa Su Misura" Padova Fair we cannot help but throwing ourselves headlong. This year we are going to be at Padova Fair with lots of news and furniture solutions.
The team of Mobilificio Andriolo of Saccolongo, which is one our Partners Retailers in Padova, is going to assist us.
Fair Hours:
- from Monday to Friday 17:00 – 22:00
- Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 22:00
"Casa Su Misura" is at Fiera di Padova, Via N. Tommaseo, 59, 35131, Padova
Free entrance for Women on Wednesdays!

  Napol at Casa Su Misura at Padova Fair




3/09/2013 - Napol at Fiera del Levante of Bari from 14 to 22 September 2013

We will attend the "Fiera del Levante" of Bari with a stand full of news.
We will be waiting for you with all the news of the Night area catalogue inside the New Pavillion: 18.000 square meters entirely dedicated to furnishing solutions. The team of one of our Partners Retailers in Puglia is going to assist us in this adventure: just like we did last year we will avail ourselves of the valuable collaboration of the team of Napoletano Mobili of Palo del Colle.
Fair Hours:
- inaugural day 11 – 21:30
- from Monday to Friday 10:00 – 21:00
- Saturday and Sunday 09:30 – 21:30

  Napol Fiera del Levante




28/08/2013 - Just few days for the new Napol Catalogue 2013 for the Night Area: find out all the new Modern Bedrooms

Just few days for the release and distribution of the new catalogue for the Night Area by Napol. Starting from september a new collection of pieces of furniture designed for modern Bedrooms, always in real wood, will be available at our Partner Retailers. Shown as a preview at Salone del Mobile 2013, these new bedrooms follow the manufacturing phylosophy which characterizes us: high quality products realized as usual with a real wood veneer.
The chosen essences are elm, canaletto walnut, cherry wood or oak, also available in an open pore lacquered finish in several trendy colours, among which the classic white cannot be missing.
The new collection of furniture for bedrooms includes beds featured with an essential design; nightstands and dresser combining artistic inspiration and handcrafted skillfuness and excellence; but also wardrobes designed to meet the needs of a young audience seeking competitive prices, without renouncing to the high quality typical of Made in Italy. And of Napol, obviously.

  Modern wooden bedrooms




17/04/2013 - The latest news and trends in the furniture field coming from Salone del Mobile 2013: for the night area, Fontana bedroom

During the Salone del Mobile of Milan Napol presented a series of news regarding both the furniture of the Day and Night Area.
New colours and finishes played the leading role in the last edition of Salone 2013. A bedroom, in particular, has drawn the attention of the visitors, thanks also to the welcoming atmosphere of the wide stand and locations. We are talking of Fontana modern double bedroom, which has achieved resounding success among works personnel and general public. The bedroom includes Mika bed, Greta sliding wardrobe and Fontana dresser and nightstands, which give the name to the entire composition.
A name which is also a design declaration: the bed groups are featured with extremely creative and handcrafted details. The fronts of the drawers are curved and moulded to create hollow areas which serve the purpose of handles.
The overall aesthetic effect is a dresser and nightstands with a frontal surface carved with irregular cuts, which create a pleasant play of lights and shades on the surface of the product.

  News and furniture trends for 2013 for the bedroom




11/04/2013 - Salone del Mobile 2013: Napol combines technology and furniture

For the first time in the history of Salone del Mobile of Milan, a company combines technology and furniture.
Napol presents its new collection through an innovative system: in each location regarding the day and night area it will be possible to find out all the details and technical information of the new products on display, by simply using QR Codes with tablets or smartphones.

The code allows you to view the complete card of the desired product directly from Napol's official website. This exclusive service is specifically designed for those who will visit our pavilion during the fair. All new products and related cards featured with high-resolution images are not visible outside the Salone: only QR Code gives you the opportunity to explore the new trends in the field of furniture for living rooms and bedrooms by Napol.

The collection which will be shown in preview at Salone del Mobile reserves a bunch of news: unreleased and fresh colours and materials, innovative solutions will wait for you at our stand of 300 square meters.
From 9th to 14th April at Pavilion 12, Stand C01_D02. Don't forget your smartphone or tablet!

  Napol Arredamenti at Salone del Mobile 2013




05/03/2013 - Salone del Mobile 2013: Napol Arredamenti redoubles and presents innovative solutions for the contemporary living

Napol Arredamenti will attend the 2013 edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan, at Milan fairgrounds, Rho: from 9th to 14th April we will be happy to host all operators of the furniture field, lovers and visitors of Exhibition at PAVILION 12 -STAND C01_D02.
We are proud to inform you that we have doubled the measurements of our stand: we will welcome you with 300 metres of news, inside an entirely renewed space.

The main topic of Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013 is "A Milano, il mondo che abiteremo" (Milan, the world we will live in): a future-oriented Exhibition which focuses on contemporary living with an eye to the urban living. A leitmotiv which we have already introduced in our "L'Olmo by Napol" catalogue: a collection which we wanted to place in urban locations with well-groomed elegance and studied informality, which goes back to a human and functional ordinary life with solutions which guarantee a high degree of compositional flexibility.
The Salon will be opened to visitors and general public on 9th April in these hours: from 9:30 to 18:30. All welcome!

Useful information
Click on the image on the right to download the official invitation to Napol Arredamenti's stand.
Napol Arredamenti: PAVILION 12 - STAND C01_D02.
To visit our stand we suggest you to enter East Gate.

Milan Fair: Strada Statale del Sempione, 28 - 20017 Rho (Milano)

  Napol Arredamenti at Salone del Mobile 2013




07/12/2012 - Napol new website is online, with a brand new innovative graphic layout

We are pleased to announce the creation of the new portal dedicated to Napol furniture: high resolution photos and a configuration menu which clearly shows the wide range of customization possibilities offered by Napol products.
A simple and easy way of browsing the website allows a total experience of our products: thanks to the main menu divided in three departments Day Area, Night Area and Wardrobes it is easy to find what you want. Each department is subdivided in three categories for a direct access to the section of your interest: Wall Systems and Bookcases, Tables, Chairs, Bedrooms, Beds, Dressers and Nightstands, Hinged Wardrobes, Sliding Wardrobes and Walk-In Closets.
Each product is carefully described in a product card in which you can view some of the endless customizing options available for each furniture item of the catalogue by clicking on an useful configuration drop-down menu. By browsing around Napol website you can find out all available finishes by clicking on the carefully digitalized photos: the Samples offers a complete and exhaustive general view of all the possible colour and material solutions.
Thanks to the Add To Wishlist function it is possible to save the products you are interested in and share them with a friend or view them at any time.
If you want to go to one of our Authorized Retailers, it will be possible to receive the targeted assistance of a professional designer by printing a copy of your Add to Wishlist list.

  Napol Furniture New Website




17/03/2012 - Napol presents its new Elm wood essence at "Salone del Mobile" of Milan

Among the most refined essences Napol has chosen real Elm wood, with its original characteristics and valuable grains, coming here in the informally elegant Pearl Elm and warm and refined Brown Elm finish.
The new Elm collection includes dressers, nightstands, high chests, beds and wall systems: these products are characterized by distinctive valuable curvatures and manufacturing details, which are enhanced by the extraordinary nuances of this wood essence.
Elegance and functionality once more stress the need to coexist in the modern furniture. The products of Elm Collection represent refined and functional furniture items, which offer aesthetically versatile solutions.

  Napol Furniture