Wall System 560

Wall System 560

White living room with glass doors 560. A timeless and refined furnishing solution with bookcase and drawers in matt lacquer, push-pull and sliding doors in white glass.
  • White living room with glass doors 560 in white decor color
  • White living room with glass doors 560 with push-pull doors and white decor color glass sliding door
  • White living room with glass doors 560 - detail of Pro sliding door in white decor color glass
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560 white living room with glass doors is composed by a bookcase column, shelves and drawers lacquered in matt white, embellished by doors in glossy white color decor glass. A timeless, refined furnishing solution this white lacquered living room will never be outdated, furnishing with style and elegance your own environment. This composition joins elements able to satisfy the most different needs: bookcase and TV compartment, shelves for electronic devices and multi-purpose storage cabinets.
Each living room area can be hidden or shown according to everyday needs thanks to the white glass sliding door. The floor standing column is equipped with doors and push-pull opening; finish can also match the sliding door.

Wall System Measurements
The measurements refer to the composition as shown in photo:
- cm 310,3 d.59,4 h.196

Available Finishes
The living room can come in all wood finishes, open pore lacquered oak and matt, glossy lacquer in all colours form the samples page. The ash-wood finish can be applied to doors and drawers fronts only: by choosing this finish the structures will come in matt lacquer.

Sliding Door Finish
Pro sliding door is only made of decor color glass or painted glass in all samples colours.

Glass Doors Finish
Bookcase doors are available in clear, satin-finished, silkscreen printed, clear mirrored, neutral decor, color decor glass and painted glass in all colours from the samples. Also available mirror finishes. The door frame is available in aluminium or wood with push-pull opening and in solid wood without push-pull and with rounded edge.

Wall system 560 is part of Napol Live system, a modular collection for the living room. Wall systems and bookcases are composed by floor standing elements or wall hanging units, which can be combined according to customer specific tastes and needs. The interior designers by the authorized retailers of Napol Furniture will offer you their professional assistance in the creation of customized projects according to specific needs.

White living room glass doors 560 is composed by the following elements:
- 2 storage cabinets
- 1 floor standing bookcase column with doors
- 2 wall fastening bookcase columns
- 4 shelves
- sliding door


Technical Characteristics:

Napol Live system is a bespoke modular living room collection including elements in 9 different heights and 5 widths. The collection includes:
- assembled elements: storage cabinets and wall units. Storage cabinets come with a depth of cm 45 or 58
- elements with sides and partitions: sides, shelves, partitions all coming in different measurements, to create columns and shelving systems, also with doors, big drawers and other accessories. Shelves are cm 3,6 thick and a depth of cm 33 or 42,6. Sides have a thickness of cm 3,6. Back panels, when present, have a thickness of cm 1,7.
Columns can be placed on the floor, on top of cabinets or wall mounted, working as wall units.

Download the pdf and view the modular elements available

Doors and Fronts Model: all wall unit and cabinet doors and fronts are available with Modern Door or in Solid wood.

- Modern Door: veneered with real wood and 1 mm bevelled edge.
Element with doors: push-pull opening.
Cabinet fronts: horizontal handle in aluminium with matching finish or 45° cut (only for those with drop down door and with 1 drawer).
Available in all wooden finishes; matt and glossy lacquer; glass with aluminium or wooden frame. Back panels always in matt white.
- Solid Wood: veneered in real wood. Hinged doors and fronts with solid wood edge working as a handle.
Available in cherry wood; open pore lacquered oak; matt lacquer; glass with wooden frame. Matt white back panels, except for elements in cherry wood (panels with matching finish).

Cabinets: in real wood veneer. Equipped with h. 2,2 cm feet and h.1,8 cm top. Full front with one or two internal drawers according to the element width. Drawers with "Quadro" hinges and soft closing mechanism.

Wall Mounted Columns: sides in blockboard veneered in real wood. Equipped with wall fastening mechanism built in the thickness of the sides and invisible once assembled. The wall mounted columns are available with or without back panel, in the models with doors the back panel is always included.

Shelves: thickness cm 5 or 3,6 according to the model. Elements with wooden or glass doors are equipped with internal glass shelves.

Technical sheet bookcase with built in sliding door

All Design Suggestions shown here represent only some of the endless compositions available with Napol Wall System elements.

The first wall system comes with the following measurements:
- cm 310,3 d.59,4 h.196


Wall System 560.1

The second wall system comes with the following measurements:
- cm 249 d.59,4 h.163,6

Wall System 560.2

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