Duna 1681 Sideboard

Duna 1681 Sideboard

Duna 1681 sideboard with 4 push-pull doors with an overall wavy shape. A low and long sideboard also with 2 or 3 doors in several wood or lacquered finishes.
  • Duna 1681 matched with 803 wall system
  • Duna 1681 two-tone grey and black sideboard
  • Duna 1681 sideboard with 2, 3 or 4 doors
  • Sideboard in silk grey matt lacquer and ash fresno wood
  • Duna 1681 sideboard doors can have a rounded inward or outward front
  • Detail of Duna 1681 wavy outline
  • Duna 1681 sideboard can be used as a buffet too
  • Duna 1681 available measurements scheme
  • Detail and measurements of the single elements composing Duna 1681 sideboard
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Duna 1681 is a sideboard with 4 push pull doors characterised by a clean and sleek cut. Also available without push pull but with a recess working as a handle for an easy opening.
This modern low sideboard features a wavy design and a high customization degree. Duna is available with 2, 3 or 4 doors - either curved outward or inward - which can be matched together to get a peculiar wave-like effect. Several finishes available from wood to glossy matt and open pore lacquer, in several colours. For a luxury touch you can opt for Venetian briccoles reclaimed wood as well as elm, cherry or ash wood.
Duna 81 sideboard can be used in the living room as a buffet, to contain dishes, glasses, tableware and trays. Each element composing the sideboard comes with a clear glass shelf inside.

Sideboard Measurements
- cm 122,7 d.38,8 / 58 h.68
- cm 184 d.48,4 / 58 h.68
- cm 245 d.48,4 h.68
Duna 81 sideboard comes with outward or inward curved doors, these affect the overall depth of the composition.

Doors and Fronts Finish
- pearl elm
- cherry wood
- European cherry
- fresno
- open pore lacquer
- ash-wood
- matt lacquer
- glossy lacquer
To view finishes and colours available please rely on the samples page by clicking on the "View Samples" icon.

Detailed information regarding doors and fronts can be found inside the Technical Characteristics.

Structure and Top Finish
The structure is available in the following finishes:
- pearl elm
- cherry wood
- open pore lacquer
- matt lacquer
- glossy lacquer
The top is available in the same finishes of the structure plus European cherry, Venetian briccoles, fresno.
To view finishes and colours available please rely on the samples page by clicking on the "View Samples" icon.

Further information regarding the top can be found inside the Technical Characteristics.

Fronts and Doors Model
All Duna 1681 fronts and doors are available with Push Door and Solid Door:
- Push Door: veneered with real wood and 2 mm bevelled edge. Push-pull opening.
Available in all finishes inside the menu and in the description under "Doors and Fronts Finishes".
- Solid Wood: veneered in real wood. Hinged doors and fronts with solid wood edge working as a handle.
Available only in cherry wood, fresno and open pore lacquer.

Measurements and doors / fronts opening
Duna 1681 sideboard doors and fronts are available curved inward or outward. Inside the images gallery you can find a scheme showing the measurements and opening side.
- Outward door: cm 61,3 d. 48,4 / 58 h.64
Structure with right or left door. Door opening on the right or left.
- Inward door: cm 61,3 d. 38,8 / 48,4 h.64
Door opening on the right or left.

Top Measurements
Duna 1681 sideboard top is available in the following lengths: cm 122,7 - 168,7 - 184 - 214,7 - 230 - 245,4 - 291,4 - 306,7.
Maximum length for single top: cm 306,7
Thickness: cm 1,8
The top shape follows the outward / inward curved doors.

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