Bedroom 50.100

Bedroom 50.100

50.100 warm wood bedroom set: double bed, two nightstands, dresser and 6-drawer high chest. Light blond wood with wavy outline
  • 50.100 warm wood bedroom set with bed, nightstands and dressers with a wavy line
  • Detail of Foglio wavy shaped dresser
  • Detail of the 45° joining point between sides and footboard
  • The headboard panel has a charming curvy line
  • Foglio 2-drawer nightstands in Blond Fresno wood
  • Foglio 3-drawer dresser in Blond Fresno wood
  • Foglio 6-drawer high chest
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50.100 is a complete and modern warm wood bedroom set. It includes a wooden double bed which can be equipped with box, two Foglio nightstands, a 3-drawer dresser and a 6-drawer high chest.
All elements are made of real wood with its charming texture and crafted with particular techniques. The thin headboard and bedroom elements front panels are all featured by a a curvy shape and wavy outlines. The pictured finish is a warm light blond with marked horizontal grains: those who prefer different solutions they can opt for other Fresno wood shades available inside Napol palette.

- Foglio bed
- Foglio dresser
- Foglio nightstands
- Foglio high chest

Bedroom Finish
Bedroom 50.100 features only furniture entirely made of real wood.
Foglio collection is available in the following finishes: Fresno wood and open pore matt lacuqer in all colours available among the samples.

Bed Options
Foglio bed is available with or without storage box, in both cases with an optional dynamic base. The version with storage box is available with double lift-up mechanism, a system that allows to lift the mattress platform to a horizontal position which makes it easy to use the storage box below and make the bed. For more details about the models of storage boxes with the relative bed frames and feet see the "Technical Characteristics" tab available in this page.

All double beds in Standard and Maxi model come with a slatted base included, this can be replaced with a dynamic slatted base (which can be used on models with and without storage).
Mag Plus bed frame comes with a bed base with feet contained inside the structure of the bed.
Beds with box are also available with a double lift-up mechanism. The latter makes the base lift up in an horizontal position, for an added comfort in the bed making processes and an easiest access to the box.

Slatted bases available on Napol double beds

The bed ring and feet are available in 5 different models, as shown in the image here below. From left to right: bed ring with Car, 45, Leg, Blade, Mag feet (available both in the version with storage box and in the Mag Plus version without storage box).

Available bed-rings and feet for Napol double beds

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