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  • Camera da letto 50.100 con letto, comodini e comò della collezione Foglio

    Bedroom 50.100

    50.100 warm wood bedroom set: double bed, two nightstands, dresser and 6-drawer high chest. Light blond wood with wavy outline
  • Camera da letto in legno naturale ZIP 50.91 in versione bicolore in rovere laccato e legno delle briccole di Venezia

    Bedroom ZIP 50.91

    Zip 50.91 vintage wood bedroom with modern lacquer structures. Modern customisable double bed, dresser and nightstands.
  • Camera da letto bicolore Zip 50.90 personalizzabile in laccato, frassino, rovere, olmo, briccola

    Bedroom ZIP 50.90

    Zip 50.90 two-colour bedroom in matt lacquer and oak wood. Double bed, nightstands, dresser and high chests in the same design also available in elm, Venetian Briccola, and colourful lacquers.
  • Camera da letto moderna laccata opaca con mobili caratterizzati da inserti in tessuto

    Bedroom ZIP 50.92

    Zip 50.92 fabric covered bedroom furniture in matt lacquer wood. Bed, dresser, nightstands and chest of drawers also with eco-leather, leather, glass or wooden inserts.
  • Camera da letto moderna con mobili in vetro e legno Zip 50.95

    Bedroom ZIP 50.95

    Zip 50.95 modern elegant bedroom with glass and wooden storage furniture. Complete with double bed, dresser, nightstand and high chest in wood, lacquer, fabric or leather.
  • Camera da letto bianca e grigia 50.93 personalizzabile in numerosi colori e materiali

    Bedroom ZIP 50.93

    Zip 50.93 contemporary double bedroom with minimal bed, nightstands, dresser and high chests with wavy and curved drawers' fronts.
  • Zip 50.94 è una camera da letto moderna grigia, proposta in legno di frassino Fresno nelle finiture grigio Cenere e Carbone

    Bedroom ZIP 50.94

    50.94 grey shades bedroom in ash and coal oak wood. Modern colours combined with the natural veins of wood for a modern and warm bedroom complete with bed, nightstands, dresser and high chest.
  • Genesi 50.120 è una camera da letto dal lusso contemporaneo, proposta in laccato metallizzato Oro e Rame e disponibile anche in laccato opaco

    Bedroom Genesi 50.120

    50.120 luxury ethnic bedroom with gold and copper finishes characterised by a contemporary look. Bed, dresser and nightstands in matt or metallic lacquer also in other colours.
  • Camera da letto contemporanea bianca laccata, con inserti in preziosa pelle stampata

    Bedroom Genesi 50.121

    Genesi 50.121 white leather bedroom with shaped bed. Bright white lacquer wooden structure with circle sculptural headboard matched with a barrel elegant dresser and nightstands.
  • Camera da letto dal design particolare con originale letto e gruppi letto in frassino, olmo o rovere laccato

    Bedroom 50.60

    50.60 light grey wooden bedroom with nightstands, dresser and high chest with cut-out modern decorative handles and bed with a four-leaf headboard. Dynamic look with nice interplay of shadows and lights.
  • Camera da letto moderna bianca 50.40 in rovere laccato poro aperto, disponibile anche in altri colori e in frassino

    Bedroom 50.40

    50.40 white bedroom with curved nightstands and dresser. Minimal bed with wooden winged headboard in open pore lacquered oak or Fresno essence.
  • Camera in legno di ciliegio 50.30 con letto matrimoniale contenitore, comodini, cassettiera e settimanale. Anche in olmo, frassino, rovere.

    Bedroom 50.30

    50.30 cherry wood bedroom perfect for classic and modern environments. Curved and smooth volumes with drawers of various depths and a wavy bed headboard.
  • Bedroom 50.71

    Bedroom 50.71

    50.71 white open pore lacquered bedroom set. Modern bedroom with bed and headboard rounded on a side, dresser, nightstands and high chest.
  • Camera matrimoniale in legno di frassino 50.10 disponibile anche in olmo, ciliegio, rovere laccato

    Bedroom 50.10

    50.10 ash bedroom with storage bed, curved nightstands with double top and double dresser to store your shirts, trousers, pullover and underwear. Also in Pearl elm, cherry wood and open pore lacquered oak.
  • Camera con letto in ecopelle bianca 50.20

    Bedroom 50.20

    50.20 bedroom with quilted bed in eco leather with curved nightstands and dresser in wood in various colours and finishes. Modern bedroom which reinterprets a classic design.
  • Camera matrimoniale in legno completa di comodini, comò e letto con testiera particolare in legno e imbottita

    Bedroom 50.61

    50.61 natural and lacquered wooden bedroom with 2 colour bed and modern design dresser and nightstands with cut out curved handles. Natural veins combined with a colour at your choice.
  • 50.101 è una camera da letto moderna grigia e nera, in vero legno di frassino o in rovere laccato a poro aperto

    Bedroom 50.101

    50.101 black wooden bedroom equipped with a minimal bed with slim headboard and contemporary metal feet. Nightstands, dresser and high chest with curved fronts and natural on-sight veins.
  • Una camera da letto moderna bianca che fa del motivo a onda il suo segno distintivo: la composizione 50.81 propone lavorazioni dalla forte valenza estetica

    Bedroom 50.81

    50.81 white wooden bedroom with wavy decorated corners. Modern asymmetric look with serpentine bed headboard, nightstands, high chest and dresser's fronts.
  • 50.80 è una camera da letto in frassino laccato con lavorazioni a onda, disponibile anche in rovere

    Bedroom 50.80

    50.80 bedroom set in grey wood with natural veins for a warm contemporary room. Textured surfaces with high relief decorations and wavy drawers' fronts which create a delicate interplay of lights and shadows.
  • Mobili per la camera da letto in legno di olmo, per una stanza moderna che non rinuncia al calore del vero legno

    Bedroom 50.70

    50.70 Set of furnish elements for the bedroom in natural wood. Simple design with bespoken finishes in various colours. Asymmetric structure with built in handles and with smooth and sharp edges.
  • Camera matrimoniale in legno 50.50 in olmo Perla, con letto matrimoniale, comò e coppia di comodini

    Bedroom 50.50

    50.50 bespoke wooden bedroom with Nordic bed, matching shaped nightstands and dresser. Smooth surfaces with natural colours and veins for a warm and modern bedroom. Also in a more colourful lacquered version.
  • 2532 white oak bedroom furniture

    Bedroom 2532

    White oak bedroom furniture 2532 also available in elm wood. Dresser, nightstands and double bed in real wood, essential modern design.
  • 2542 wooden bedroom set

    Bedroom 2542

    2542 wooden bedroom set. A modern solution with double bed, dresser and nightstands in Pearl elm wood or in open pore lacquered oak.
  • 1000 white lacquered double bedroom

    Bedroom 1000

    1000 white lacquered double bedroom. Double bed, dresser and nightstand in total white; sliding wardrobe that combines white lacquer and glass.
  • 1830 white wood bedrooom

    Bedroom 1830

    1830 white wood double bedroom composed of bed, nightstands and high chest. Also available in pearl elm, cherry wood and open pore lacquered oak in various colours.
  • 242 bedroom with bed, dresser and nightstands

    Bedroom 242

    242 is a modern bedroom with bed, dresser and nightstands made of open pore lacquered oak, cherry wood or elm wood or Fresno essence. It includes a large double dresser and curved nightstands made of plywood.
  • 232 Cherry wood modern bedroom

    Bedroom 232

    232 Cherry wood bedroom, featured with a modern design and a real cherry wood veneer, which is a finish with a timeless elegance.