About us

Made in Italy, between tradition and modernity.

The Napol brand is a guarantee of quality 100% made in Italy. A quality that finds its primary force in the design of modern furniture for a comfortable, practical and lovely home. A home where furniture is functional, uses the right amount of space, protects our stuff, organises our moments.

The history of Napol begins in 1967, in northern Italy – specifically in Veneto region, near Treviso.

A land of traditional values, first of all work seen as a social merit, a resource and an activity that defines the individual. Also, a deep bond with nature and particularly with wood as a material. These are the years in which Italian design is being born, a sparkle of creativity – completely unplanned – taking the world by storm.

These are the years in which Italian families want a new kind of forniture for a new idea of “home”. Modern in style, essential in design, a reflection of the new times.

Today still, looking back, Napol’s strength lies in this land: scattered with vines over the hills, home of simple and kind people. These are the values the company recognises as her own and where inspiration for every creative design is to be found.

For more than 50 years artisan workmanship and painstaking details, usage of real wood and high quality materials have been Napol’s trademark.

A quality that can be found in the choice of the best materials and in the expert hands that create our items of furniture. A process that starts from our 5-stories automated storehouse and concludes in the 20.000 sqm of our production unit.

For Napol, the word design means caring about people and their needs, imagine spaces and give answers, in the form of furniture items – from the bedroom to the living room, in a harmonic way.

Napol’s proposals evoke moods, personalities, preferences, lifestyles and different ways of living.

Furniture with a lot of different personalities, finding common ground in unmistakable class, attention to details and high quality. Modular furniture for the contemporary home, like the perfect dress for every occasion. Materials, finishes and colours also give the widest freedom of choice.

Napol uses wood in a wise way, totally environment-friendly: wood comes from areas with controlled deforestation, managed according to strict environmental standards.

Napol works with unique techniques and experiences, a truly high-level factory that creates modern furniture, with the greatest care of details. A craftsmanship that become a sort of signature in the wardrobes and containers with curved doors, shapes that can be made real only by the most expert of hands. Real wood makes the structure of all the items: oak and ash, carefully selected, go hand with the best finishings, both for the inside and the outside.

Today Napol proposes total solutions, that go from the living area to the bedroom up to the wardrobes.

It is the result of an ahead-oriented design, where history and the future create original, uplifting combinations and relationships. The only thing remaining the same is the best quality ever.

The contemporary home lives in a continuous present, a world where private moments and conviviality go hand in hand.

In this exciting panorama, Napol’s mission is continually evolving, from both stylistically and productive points of view, staying the same where it really matters: the values of functionality, expressive variety and versatility.

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